The German imported brand cable and induction chip used by YOUPARTS ABS sensor, makes each line more stable against resistance and anti-wave interference, makes our sensors with superior sensing performance, which effectively control the brake anti-lock.

In the production process, we make improvements based on a thorough analysis of the advantage and disadvantages of each big well-known brand, which enables our ABS sensors more reliable while vehicle driving.

Our seal products are with the same raw rubber material as the original parts, usually ACM or FKM rubber imported from Japan.

We use different rubber raw materials and work on different proportions to fit different product location and environment.

The hardness, as well as the resistance of high te mperature, oil temperature and corrosion, are same as the original parts.

The same surface treatment process as the original German factory is used to make each sealing product with better performance by having great anti-aging, enhanced lubrication degree and adhesive force.

The thermostat series adopts German production technology of friction welding, and are produced with same equipment and in the same assembly line as the international first-class brands.

The shell is made of Dupont material. The air tightness test and pressure test under 0.3mpa are strictly proceeded for each thermostat, in order to have 100% qualified.

The wax thermostat core is with same quality as OE part. The sensitivity to the water temperature can effectively control the amount of water into the water tank, which ensure the engine work in normal water temperature range of 90 ℃±5 ℃.



The shell of the by-water bottle adopts German welding technology and American Du

Bong raw materials. The liquid level sensor adopts the matching brand.

Sealing, internal anti embroidery, scale, water temperature and

Liquid level induction and other aspects are produced according to OEM supporting standards,

The data test of liquid level induction and pressure valve shall be in accordance with the original factory standard



Youparts air suspension series will supply the main three types of accessories in the suspension system to the whole mainstream market with the best matching scheme to the global after-sales market. The products include shock absorption air bag, air pump and air pump distribution valve series. Through the effective matching of youparts, the air suspension system judges the height change of the vehicle body through ECU, and then controls the air pump and distribution valve to automatically compress or extend the air bag, so as to reduce or increase the ground clearance of the chassis, so as to increase the stability of the high-speed vehicle body or the trafficability of the complex road conditions.


Youparts transmission screen series products supply chain comes from OEM supporting manufacturers. The plastic ratio of the oil pan shell in the production process is the same as the original PA66 + gf35% standard; the imported AEM rubber material with high temperature resistance is used in the product sealing performance; the imported filter cloth is used in the oil grid filter screen inside the product in the filtering performance, so that the internal oil filtering performance of each product can achieve the best effect; the surface treatment of the assembly screw and the oil drain screw repair kit adopts the anti rust and anti-corrosion process.